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Apr, 27 2017
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Who Are We?

The West seeks to lead Iraqis towards civilization. Ironically, civilization itself was born in ancient Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, over 7300 years ago.
Iraq is not what the mainstream media has been focusing on for more than two decades, rather their attention has been on Saddam, terrorism, and Islam, as well as violent images of Iraq that flash onto our television screens and embed themselves in our hearts and minds.

Iraq is not Sunni, Shiites, and Kurds as most Americans, including politicians, believe and Iraq is not the superficial images and propaganda with which most media bombards the public.
In fact, Iraq could be the hope and the reason for stability in the Middle East and, on a larger scale, in the whole world.

There are almost 400,000 multiethnic Iraqis, including close to 300,000 Chaldeans, in metro Detroit; triple the number of all Arabs who reside in Michigan. Yet Michiganders are not aware of the vast contributions made by Iraqis to today’s society nor how important it is to have good and long-term relations with Iraqis and Iraq. This is simply because Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world, if it is not the richest one, when comparing other countries with its size and population.

There are millions of economic opportunities in Iraq to rebuild Iraq and help Iraqis live in peace and prosperity in a free democratic society. In return, such a healthy environment will provide unlimited opportunities to develop a strong and solid economy for both parties (Iraqis and Americans) who have been recently facing serious challenges.

UR Magazine, which derived its name from UR of Chaldeans, the birthplace of Father Abraham, is willing through its professional writers, analyzers, and reporters to bridge the way between the US, the greatest nation and Iraq, the cradle of civilization.
Ur Magazine aims to provide a better understanding of the importance of working together for a better future for all humanity, starting with concentrating on winning Iraq.

It is worth mentioning that UR Magazine is part of the Iraqi American Multimedia Network, which includes the Iraqi-American New Dawn TV production studio, the Voice radio station, EA Middle East for Academic / Strategic Research and Consulting Center, and UR Multimedia house. We are also the only Iraqi magazine in English (in the US and Canada) that is capable of securing coverage of your visions and missions through local and international channels, including the major Iraqi ones.

Help us help; the US, the greatest nation, and Iraq, the cradle of civilization, to be the role models for the entire world, for future peace and prosperity under God.

On President Donald Trump's order, two Navy destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea fired salvos of Tomahawk [...]
The Yale University Art Gallery is celebrating the 175th anniversary of the field of Arabic studies at Yale [...]
موهومه - Delusional by Amer Fatuhi
اعتراف - Confession by Amer Fatuhi
شكرا - Thank You by Amer Fatuhi
دندنه - Dandana by Amer Fatuhi
دال - Dal by Amer Fatuhi
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has described allegations his country holds compromising material on US [...]
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Donald Trump's "deeply unsettling and disturbing" views make him a danger internationally, the UN's human rights [...]
Hurricane Matthew has strengthened as it nears a "direct hit" with Florida, and is set to be the strongest storm in [...]
A commuter train has crashed into a rail station in the city of Hoboken, in the US state of New Jersey.
We Will Never Forget … We Will Never Forgive
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